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8 fitness basic ideas that you must be familiar with

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8 fitness basic ideas that you must be familiar with

8 fitness basic ideas that you must be familiar with
1, the target muscle
Be sure to identify the part of the training before doing the action. For example, when doing a reclining on a dumbbell, it is necessary to clarify that the part to be trained is the upper part of the chest muscle and the triceps, and has an exercise effect on the anterior muscle of the deltoid muscle. After knowing the muscle groups that are trained, the point is to feel the process of the target muscles, which is the most important.
2, action
Fully understand the training movements of a certain part. For beginners, 3-4 movements of one part can be used. When the advanced stage is reached, the training movement of one part can be increased to 8.
3, the number of groups
The number of groups refers to the number of groups made by each action. Generally, 2-3 groups of beginners are enough, 4-6 groups in the intermediate stage and 8-10 groups in the advanced stage.
4, the number of each group
The concept of the number of times per group is very important, the number of times the maximum number of dumbbells in a group is completed. A group of 6 times or less is used to increase strength; 8-12 times are used to increase muscle mass; 15-25 times are used to improve muscle separation, and muscle lines are carved; more than 25 times are used for fat loss.
5, weight
The weight is the maximum weight that can only be completed once. 85% or more of the maximum weight is a large weight; 65%-80% is a medium weight; and a weight below 65% is a small weight. Training with medium and large weights can increase strength and muscle circumference. Training with medium and small weights can improve muscle clarity, resolution and detail and reduce some fat.
6, the interval between groups
This is a very important and easily overlooked concept, and the inter-group time interval refers to the rest time between the same action group and the group. Usually, the short interval is about 30-45 seconds, the medium interval is about 1 minute, and the longer interval is 1 minute and a half.
7, speed
In fitness training, slow motion is generally used, which is suitable for most fitness training. Of course, some fitness methods are not excluded, and the effect is obtained by increasing the speed of the movement.
8, fitness frequency
Usually beginners 3 times / week, moderate level practitioners can practice 3-4 times a week, high-level athletes can practice every day during the season, or even 2 times / day. Because the experiment shows that after a violent high-volume training, the body function is at a falling level for 2-3 days, and the original level is restored in 3-5 days, and the excess recovery will occur in 5-8 days! Therefore, many high-level elite athletes use the method of training each muscle group once a week for routine training.


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