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outdoor fitness equipment industry analysis for old people

Good quality fitness equipment with solar lamp for sales
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outdoor fitness equipment industry analysis for old people

outdoor fitness equipment industry analysis for old people


demand analysis

1. China's population is getting older. How to improve the health and quality of life of the elderly population has been widely concerned by all walks of life. The arrival of the aging society has brought many new research topics to product designers. China need outdoor fitness equipment for old people

2. According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, China has officially entered the “ageing age”. China is not only the country with the largest population in the world, but also the country with the largest number of elderly people. In 2003, China’s total population has reached 1.3 billion. The elderly population aged 60 and above accounts for about 10% of the total population, about 130 million. The development of China’s aging population is posing an unprecedented challenge to the whole society. The growth momentum of the year will also be among the best in the world.So outdoor fitness equipments will be widely used

3. Compared with the speed of population aging, the development of old-age products is still far behind in the existing market for elderly products. The old-age products are monotonous and rare, mostly based on health care and medical products, and entertainment designed for the elderly. There are few products such as tourism, culture and education, communication, transportation, gardening, and public facilities.Including outdoor fitness equipment.

4. There is a shortage of unique goods that older people need, and older people do not receive the respect and enthusiasm they deserve when purchasing goods. Because of the physical decline of the elderly, the aging of physiological functions reduces their ability to act and live independently, so the design focus is generally on the health care and medical facilities for the elderly.

5. With the development of China's social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the establishment and improvement of the old-age security system has higher requirements for the demand for aged goods. The development and development of products suitable for the characteristics of the elderly, with reasonable functions and high quality has become a good opportunity for development in the enterprise market competition.

6. With the improvement of the level of education for the aged, the consumption potential of the elderly market, especially in the city, is increasing year by year. The change of the concept of consumption among the elderly is getting faster and faster. Now more and more elderly people are willing to Spend more on your own health and entertainment expenses. This has improved the purchase level of the elderly consumer market to a certain extent.

7. According to the survey, 59.1% of the elderly in China exercise by walk, far more than other sports activities, so the focus of the elderly fitness products should be placed on local fitness products and small fitness products. Such as: exercise bikes, fitness balls, spring pullers, all kinds of ball supplies. General fitness equipment should be based on outdoor fitness facilities.

market expectation

8. At present, both domestic and foreign, fitness equipment for the elderly is a blind spot. More than 60% of the construction equipment manufacturers in the world ignore the huge demand of the elderly market.

9. According to the "Civil Fitness Activity Guidance Report" issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services, long-term regular participation in fitness activities can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, increase life expectancy, and maintain good health. This is the first public information published by an authoritative government agency to affirm the role of health and fitness.

10. The report was co-edited by 13 expert advisory groups and is a compilation of a large number of academic studies. The report clearly states that regular scientific physical activity combined with cardiovascular training and strength training can reduce the risk of heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer, depression and other complications. It has been proved by practice that the effect is particularly obvious for the middle-aged and elderly people, and it has a very positive effect on preventing Alzheimer's disease and improving the quality of life of the elderly.

11. The report undoubtedly made the best endorsement for the fitness industry. The report is highly appraised for the daily fitness, health and wellness functions, and also reminds the national fitness should do its best, guided by experts, and controlled within the scope of physical strength or condition. But looking at the fitness centers, health rehabilitation, and even sporting goods manufacturers all over the United States, there are few special subdivisions for the elderly market, and there is no special design on the products. Of course, China is even worse. Fitness industry experts pointed out that the release of the report not only has a positive role in public propaganda, but also has a positive role in guiding the development of the industry. Under the trend of the global population aging, the middle-aged and old-age consumer market is growing. Therefore, the segmentation market for elderly fitness equipment needs to be taken seriously and examined both in China and in the international market.

Principles for the design of aged products

(1) Reasonable function

Targeted, due to the gradual decline of the physiological functions of the elderly, they have certain obstacles when using existing conventional products. Therefore, we need to understand the special needs of the elderly and address the existing products in a targeted manner. The problem. Designed for the needs of the elderly, product positioning should be accurate, and the function should not be too complicated. While satisfying the function, it must also meet the behavioral needs, psychological needs, and aesthetic needs of the elderly, making it a veritable product for the elderly.

(2) Principle of simplicity

The daily necessities of the elderly should avoid sharp corners and protrusions, and the functions and forms should be properly blended together to minimize the decorative form, pay attention to the simplicity and integrity of the appearance of the product, and avoid mechanical coldness.

Older people are more conservative in accepting new things, and product styling should emphasize a stable, generous and intimate feeling under the premise of meeting functional requirements. The color contrast should not be too strong, it is better to use a brighter midtone, the partial accessories can be more pure color, with decorative decoration.

(3) Principles of easy learning and easy to use

Some people also advocate the "zero" learning principle. The so-called "zero" learning is not to learn, but to mean that the use of the product does not require special training, refer to the product manual, do it at a glance, or slightly adapt and give pointers. Will use.

(4) Safety and reliability needle

To prevent safety hazards in products used by the elderly, it is necessary to have higher safety performance and self-protection. It is a basic requirement that the product effectively guarantees the operation of the specified function within the specified time and life cycle.

Since the elderly are vulnerable groups, the strength of the product structure and materials should be increased when designing the product structure according to the frequency of use and the intensity of use. The interface operation is simple or self-enhancing, so that the elderly can fully trust and use.

So it's very important to take care of the safety of outdoor fitness equipment

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