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Six major considerations after outdoor fitness

Good quality fitness equipment with solar lamp for sales
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Six major considerations after outdoor fitness

Six major considerations after outdoor fitness


The first point: outdoor fitness equipment.squat down. For example, it is the same reason to sit down immediately after running. Many fitness people often habitually squat down on one side after exercise, thinking that this can quickly restore energy and physical strength, that it can better adjust the body state, but in fact this is wrong, just after the fitness period In fact, the body is still in a state of exercise. Resting at the same time makes the muscles feel more tired. What is the rest? Solution: You can use the slow breathing method to adjust, of course, you can also use the stretching action to get the muscles to get the fastest rest and recovery.

The second point: outdoor fitness immediately. There are strict requirements for normal eating arrangements, let alone a fitness diet. Choosing to eat immediately after fitness will make some organs of the body more fatigued, which makes the digestive system difficult to operate normally, thus inhibiting its ability to work, which may cause functional symptoms and even other diseases. Solution: Finally, eat for half an hour or one hour after fitness.

The third point: smoking.outdoor fitness equipment. In fact, for smoking, ban is the most important thing, whether it is before or after fitness. Everyone should know that smoking is harmful to their health. When they are in fitness, the body is in a state of high-speed aerobic conditions. A large amount of smoke is easily absorbed. Is the toxic substance in the smoke not easier to carry out the lungs? That is not to let you instantly "head explosion." Solution: Only one, stop smoking!

The fourth point: outdoor fitness equipment.eating sweet addiction. In fact, after we have exercised ordinary sports, it is very comfortable to drink a sweet drink or soda. If you feel that eating more sweet after fitness is good, this is the wrong idea. Eating too much sweet food will instead To make your body more exhausted, there is no benefit to the best state of body adjustment. Solution: If you can't control it, then eat some moderate foods, such as vegetables.

Fifth point: drinking. Especially in the summer, after exercising, I will listen to the cold beer, which is the feeling of ascension. Indeed, this will make you "ascend to heaven". This principle is very similar to smoking. We don't advocate smoking or drinking. It is because the body's absorption of energy or harmful nutrients is faster and more normal than normal. Therefore, drinking alcohol after exercise will make too much alcohol. Into the body, resulting in physical discomfort, which led to diseases like joints, but not to the next fitness. Solution: It is best to drink water after eating. If you want to drink, then wait, of course, I hope you don't drink it is the best!

Sixth point: The body is not cool. Fitness and bathing seem to be standard in TV series, but in fact it is wrong, because when you exercise, your body is stretched, and heat is the best state. If you take a bath (cold bath), it will lead to such a state. If the balance is broken, it will be difficult for the body to dissipate well, and the muscles will be difficult to recover quickly, so don't do it. Solution: bath time, one hour later, water temperature, constant temperature is more suitable. outdoor fitness equipment.

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