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Standard for qualified outdoor fitness equipment

Good quality fitness equipment with solar lamp for sales
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We have checked your products and up to now we have had very good response from our customers from Czech and foreign markets too

—— Martina from Lacitta, Czech

I was also pleased with the quality of the Imitation wood. Great work! We shall stay in touch for our next order.

—— Alexander from Germany

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Standard for qualified outdoor fitness equipment

Standard for qualified outdoor fitness equipment

Due to the needs of social development and changes in the concept of fitness, outdoor fitness equipment is increasingly welcomed by municipal departments, government agencies, community parks, campuses, and military groups. Due to the expansion of the market, some small factories with weak technical strength have begun to produce such products, but the quality of the products is worrying and there are great safety risks. BEIJING OKSTAR is one of the largest sports goods companies in the north specializing in the production of outdoor fitness equipment, basketball stands and table tennis tables. With many years of production experience, due to the excellent quality of products, the products are exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Mexico, in addition to domestic sales. Chile and other European and American countries have a good reputation. In order to promote the healthy development of the manufacturing industry, we have summarized the experience of BEIJING OKSTAR in manufacturing quality products to provide reference for peers and customers.

Design concept

1) Each product is designed under the concept of “avoiding misuse of the product”, taking into account the safety performance of the product.

2) Hazard analysis and risk assessment for each new product based on “design a hazardous product, increase safety devices and reduce risk”

3) Each station equipment is designed according to the operator of double normal weight (200KG)

4) The new product designed must be tested for life (not less than 1 million times) before being put into mass production. The safety of the experimental structure can be evaluated before the production can be arranged. Close monitoring of new products within one year of launching the market

5) The main column of the equipment (≥Φ114mm) adopts the steel pipe with the wall thickness greater than 2.75mm and the inner wall of the force-receiving part of the steel pipe adopts the inner liner pipe or the disc reinforcement device. The support pipe of the column Φ114mm equipment (Φ165*8mm) shall not be directly placed on the Φ114 column. The fixing screw is forced to be supported, and the upper end of the supporting tube is welded to the supporting disc, and the main column, the supporting tube and the interface three-part structure are integrally connected, and the screw only functions as a positioning.

2. Manufacturing process

1) In order to ensure the accuracy, it is required to use the precision sawing machine to cut the material. It is forbidden to use the grinding wheel or the acetylene to cut, and the blanking, burr, flash and other defects must not occur.

2) Shaft tolerance requirements ±0.01 mm, bearing position requirements ±0.01, ±0.03 mm

3) CNC hydraulic bending machine for bending pipe

4) Parts and parts are required to be molded, and acetylene cutting must not be used.

5) Welding requirements use carbon dioxide protection welding. According to different material thickness, the general voltage matching value is voltage 18-24V, current 80-180A, welding wire specification is Φ0.8-Φ1.0mm, the welding surface is smooth and flat, no flaw welding, air hole, Welded joints, undercuts, bumps, dents, etc., can not be welded, notched

6) After the product is formed, it must be assembled. If the assembly is qualified, it will be transferred to the next process.

3. Quality assurance

BEIJING OKSTAR has developed a detailed quality assurance system and perfect quality assurance measures in accordance with the National Product Quality Law and the National Standard Safety General Requirements for Fitness Equipment. First of all, strictly import raw and auxiliary materials into the factory, purchase raw and auxiliary materials to seek qualified suppliers according to the requirements of ISO9001 quality documents, and regularly evaluate suppliers. Secondly, specify and strictly implement three measures of quality assurance, so as not to manufacture defective products. Do not accept defective products, do not pass defective products. The first is self-inspection measures. Everyone must self-test while doing their own products. Only products that they consider to be qualified can be transferred to the next process. For products that fail to pass the self-test, the labels should be placed separately and disposed of by specialized personnel. The second is mutual inspection measures. For the products of the previous process, the products must be inspected first, and it is considered that they are qualified products to continue production. Timely feedback on the quality issues found. The third is the special inspection measures. Special inspection personnel inspected the entire production process. Second, pay attention to process control: First, the first inspection control. Before the work, the team leader, technicians and employees carefully check the materials to be put into production, and use the tooling equipment to confirm whether the various key dimensions are qualified, and then produce one product, and then confirm the qualified and then mass production. If you fail, you must find the reason until you are qualified to mass produce. The second is inspection control. In the process of production, managers and special inspectors conduct spot checks on products. 80% of managers pay attention to weak links in production, such as new employees, key equipment, key positions, and third, final inspection control. Once a batch of products has been produced, the last one must be tested. Before the completion of one day's work, the last product will be tested. With good systems and measures as the basis, product quality is guaranteed

4. Surface treatment

The surface of all steel parts is mechanically derusted (no pickling and rust removal). The surface of the steel parts must be silver-gray (not dark gray) and have fine pits. After derusting, the product must be sprayed within 24 hours in the winter, and the rust removal is required after the specified time. The plastic powder is produced by a special process and has a special outdoor powder similar to the expansion coefficient of the steel pipe and added with an anti-ultraviolet component. The plastic powder solidified leveling furnace adopts a constant temperature (200+5°C) modern automatic spraying line device (do not use the earth furnace with large temperature difference inside the furnace, which is difficult to control). The workpiece to be sprayed should be preheated after surface dust removal treatment. Not less than (140 ° C) time is not less than 15 minutes, the purpose is: 1. Increase the electrical conductivity of the workpiece 2. Eliminate the residual gas of the workpiece substrate 3. Improve the adhesion of the surface of the powder. After the workpiece is electrostatically sprayed, the residence time is not less than 60 minutes at 200+5 °C. The thickness of the sprayed product layer shall not be less than 90 microns, the pencil hardness shall be 3H, and the workpiece shall be subjected to a salt spray test for 36 hours according to GB1771-1991, and the coating shall be unchanged. When the deformation of the sprayed workpiece is less than 50%, the plastic powder shall not fall off, and the finished product shall not fade in the outdoor environment for 5 years. The surface of the sprayed parts is smooth, flat, uniform in color and bright, and there should be no defects such as peeling, falling off, falling spray, rust, cracks, flow marks, spots, knots and the like. The shaft and bearing of each component are protected, and spray is strictly prohibited.

5. Assembly process

1) Qualified parts must be precision assembled to produce quality products

2) Component quality inspection assembly must achieve positive tolerance to positive tolerance, negative tolerance to negative tolerance, and strictly tolerance to negative tolerance assembly

3) Hydraulic fitting bearings, it is strictly forbidden to directly smash bearings with a hammer. After assembling the bearings, check whether the bearing positions are rotating one by one.

4) Correction of finished products, requiring equipment to be symmetrical, balanced, smooth in motion, and unable to produce abnormal noise

5) When the assembled equipment applies a 90° direction force in the direction of motion, no displacement occurs.

6) Double-layer packaging, cleaning the surface of the equipment before packaging

Through the control of the above main links, BEIJING OKSTAR's products will be a quality product to customers. In addition, there are many factors that affect the quality of outdoor fitness equipment, such as the quality of raw materials, the technical level of employees, and the level of tooling equipment. Do a good job in corporate culture, pay attention to corporate social responsibility, and improve customer service systems. The soft power of enterprises also has a strong impetus to the production of high-quality products. In short, the manufacture of high-quality outdoor fitness equipment is a systematic project, and it is necessary to work together with all relevant departments of various departments to become possible.



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